Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fashion Editor Shake Up

I had a friend who a few years ago questioned how it was I could read women's magazines because she assumed they were all about 'how to please your man' and 'how to hook a guy' but I showed her the ones I read and she couldn't believe that they truly were all about fashion.

Nina Garcia (of Project Runway fame) left Elle, and is now going to Marie Claire. Not sure what this means, some people said she didn't actually do anything at Elle anyway, but I hope that it means Marie Claire might become more about fashion. I get that magazine for some reason. I must have ordered it in a moment of weakness, I flip through it once and move on, either giving it away or throwing it right into the recycling bin. I just don't buy magazines for those stupid articles, while in Marie Claire it's not necessarily about how to find a guy, but about what men think about what we wear. You know what, I don't really care. I also don't buy fashion magazines for some scary story about cancer or disease that your doctor might miss. It's too sensational. I guess that's why I prefer Bazaar, Lucky and Vogue.

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