Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sales at Pink Mascara

Pink Mascara has some great deals going for Mother's Day - the first is -

Pink Mascara Mother deserves the latest fashion.

The second deal only lasts through tomorrow and it's 20% off of dresses over $150.Not a bad deal i must say, they have some very cute things -

Lewis Cho Ruched Dress

This Lewish Cho dress is adorable and you can wear it out for brunch, or with heels and a metallic clutch out for evening. They have alot of other cute ones.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Seasonal Closets

I have fond memories of the early fall and early spring days when we would switch the clothes in our closets. That ritual when I would put the summer clothes away and bring out the winter clothes, or vice versa. I loved it. I was a clothes horse even at 3 and very opinionated about what I wore. My mother says we got thrown out of the nursery school carpool because every morning just as we would enter the elevator to start the day, I would dart back into the apartment to change my outfit or shoes. That meant we were late and the other families didn't appreciate that. They didn't know a future-calling when they saw it.

In early fall sweaters and corduroys didn't remind me of cold to come, I was excited because they were fabrics and colors and styles I hadn't worn in 5 or 6 months. And bringing out the summer clothes didn't warn me of the 100+ degree heat we get in Chicago in the summer, instead all I saw were the pretty skirts. I felt the soft cotton and thought about the sandals I would buy this year. Winter boots never excited me, my parents were lucky that my form of rebellion was generally no more severe than stubbornly wearing converse high-tops on snowy winter days, although one year my mother kept trying to throw out my green ones and I kept digging them out of the trash - they were my own creation at that point, cut down to low-tops with hand painted designs on them - definitely not trash.

This weekend there was a piece in the New York Times home and garden section about the ritual of changing the seasonal clothing in the closets, but from a mother's perspective. I now live in northern California where people don't have this ritual. My friends who grew up here thought it was so strange when I told them about it. The summer can be chilly here so people don't put away their sweaters, and in January it can be warm enough for a tank top. If they have a down coat it's usually with the ski gear I guess. So even though I live here now, clearly you can't take Chicago out of the girl - I still love the ritual cleaning and putting away of sweaters - it's a sign that I've decided spring is here and it's here to stay - like when I wore shorts one early May day when I was 11, you'd think that would be totally normal - except for the blizzard outside that left more than 6 inches of snow on the ground.

What can I say, my rebellions were clothes-related, a sign of things to come and all things considered, really easy on the parents.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Brunch Outfit

I posted a brunch outfit a while back, and people seem to really like that, so I will try again.

I like this Ella Moss dress for a warm weekend midday stroll,
Ella Moss Palisades Halter Dress

These sandals are adorable, and affordable at $58 -

Jessica Simpson Women's Caralie Flat Thong Sandal

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag -
botkier gladiator satchel

The Grown-Up Romper?

Most kids wore the one-piece outfit called a romper at one time or another (most of those times are before the age of 8 I'm guessing) Adults wore them in the Studio 54 heyday, but not really in my lifetime - except for say, Gloria Gaynor or someone who was big in the 70's and found it worked for them.

In college I had a friend from Florida (I thought the weather in the state made a difference, I mean they weren't bundled up in huge coats all winter like we were in Chicago) who had really cool style, bought all of her clothes at vintage and second hand stores and she wore a full-body jumpsuit and made it work. But I could never do it, but Shopbop is carrying a few rompers now and I wonder who buys them.

This is a full-length version -
It's $299, that is seriously steep for a look like this.

They also have the Lauren Conrad short one,

has a whole section for jumpsuits, like this
Society for Rational Dress Gather Jumper

It's a little shapeless, butI really like this one, it's pretty hot -
Grace Sun Wide Leg Jumpsuit

This one has a military, or maybe its safari look to it -
Nicholas K Cal Jumper

I love the neckline of it.
So it looks like there are styles for everyone who wants to sport this look.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walmart tries to get back into clothes

The WSJ looks at Walmart's attempt to get back into 'fashion' - looks like as long as they don't try to compete with Target they might do ok.

Crocs on their way out?

Apparently share price for Crocs has plummeted something like 40%, does this mean that with less disposable income people are developing better taste? A girl can hope.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mamie Gummer Knocks it out of the Park

This young woman is Meryl Streep's daughter and I LOVE the outfit.

It's so subtle and yet so chic. More of young hollywood should learn from this smart young thing.

Shopjake and Parkvogel sales

Shopjake is offering an extra 20% off sale merchandise for 48 hours only, use the code 48shop20 until midnight on the 24th.

Parkvogel is having a final sale - 75% off of the luxurious t-shirts and sweaters.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gossip Girl is Back!

The long awaited first of the post-strike episodes aired tonight, i'm not sure it was actually possible for it to be all that I wanted, but I won't complain.

I will however implore you to read the fantastic article about the show in New York Magazine. It is a cultural phenomenon.

Friday, April 18, 2008

How to Accesorize and the State of Business Casual Today

WSJ spoke with Jessie Randall of Loeffler Randall about how she creates her outfits. I love everything they design, so I have a feeling I would love her style as well.

They have also tackled the "black hole of dressing" in an article about business casual.

20% off at Viv & Ingrid

To help you prepare for Mother's Day Viv & Ingrid is offering 20% off of everything! Until May 5, use the promo code mothersday20 and check out the gorgeous jewelry collection for yourself and mom, like this layered hoop earring -

Or the smaller (but no less stylish, and maybe a little more wearable by all) short gold paillette earring -
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Penelope? Why?

On the left we have beauty, on the right, the beast. What was she thinking putting on that terrible caftan type thingie? Such a beautiful woman that Penelope Cruz, look at her in Purple. Gorgeous. Then run screaming from crazy lady in crazy moomoo or whatever that thing is.

The worst part is that the ugly dress probably costs more than rent for most of us.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brooks Brothers and Banana Republic Sales

Preppy city here we come! Brooks Brothers has a deal today and tomorrow to raise money for their Black Fleece foundation - Save up to 25% at the Golden Fleece Foundation event April 16th - 17th.

(Don't forget they have great men's and women's clothes, including non-iron shirts for both!)

And Banana Republic is offering a sale kind of like Shopbop, get $20 back when you spend $100, $30 when you spend $150, and $50 when you spend $200.

Marc by Marc Jacobs on sale

Bluefly has a ton of Marc by Marc Jacobs bags on sale, they are all at least $100 off - it's rare to see so many of his bags marked down, so get to it.

They also are offering 15% off of shoes today.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is "comfortable high heel" a paradox?

The Wall Street Journal fashion writer Christina Binkley doesn't think so anymore, but you have to pay for the comfort. She tried high heeled styles from several brands who claim to be comfortable, Her findings were not exactly earth-shattering: the brand by Taryn Rose, a former podiatrist, is the best. It's also the most expensive. If you are on your feet all day it's totally worth it, - imagine it - wear gorgeous heels all day with no toe pain, no knee or back pain, amazing.

She also ranked Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan, Naturalizer and Aerosoles shoes, pretty much in that order. I have not had good experiences with Naturalizer shoes, but to each their own.

read the results of her test here.

Gap Design Editions are out!

The special design edition white shirts are now available on the Gap website, and the stores as soon as they open (I'm up late tonight) If you'd like a piece by Philip Lim or another CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist but can't afford their regular lines, now is the time!

I must admit I don't love them all. First, it's pretty clear to me that Philip Lim is among the designers who find it annoying that women have boobs. I wish we could send him back to school with Marc Jacobs to learn about biology. But alas, no. I cannot force an education upon these men, and yet they can force their idea of beauty and the ideal body upon us. No fair.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, what is up with this shirt?
It looks perfect, if you are a chef and in need of a uniform. Or a painter in need of a smock. But designed to make a woman look beautiful? I think not.

I do like this one,
And I like the dress by Three As Four, it looks ideal for a hot summer day, perfect for the beach or with cute sandals and a fun bag.

They are also offering two men's styles and some jewelry this year. You can check them all out here.
Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Free Shipping at JCrew

JCrew is offering free shipping on orders over $100, use the code BLOOM.

Get to shopping!

Bluefly and Shopbop Deals!

In honor of tax day bluefly is offering 10% off of everything on the site today.

Shopbop has it's own tax week deal - $25 of off orders over $150, $50 off of orders over $250, $100 off of orders over $500, and $150 off of orders over $750. This is good until Thursday, use code TAXBREAK08.

Kiehls is offering free shipping on orders over $45. use the code FLYME.

And today is the last day to use the Bloomingdales deal on the website 15% off of everything (except the brands I want of course, Kooba, Botkier, Nanette Lepore Marc Jacobs, etc) but there are some things it covers - such as Juicy, Lamb, Diane Von Furstenberg for example. They also have a free shipping deal until the 20th. the Code for free shipping is on the website, something like SHIP6.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Deal at Endless

Endless is offering yet another deal Save up to $100 on select designer brands orders.

The deal includes gorgeous shoes by Rafe, Delman, Bruno Magli (yes, the dude who made OJ's shoes) as well as bags by Bally. It's great stuff.

among the many I like, I'm into these sandals -
Claudia Ciuti Women's Veronica Sandal

I also really like this Rafe clutch -
Rafe Zooey Minibag

It comes in silver too (I have the silver wallet version of this - I get compliments every time I take it out - and I do that alot!)

Swimwear for large busts take 2

I found another cute bikini for women with a large bust (B through E cup sizes) and it's a cute fun bright floral -

With that top you have a couple choices for bottom, this bikini style -

and a boy-short option with a roll-over waist band, great for preventing any muffin-type action from going on.

This halter top goes up to a DD cup size,

the same brand makes other options, such as this

which also has several options for bottoms.

There are alot of choices these days. Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bluefly Coupon Code Giveaway

I have never tried this before, but I have several coupons for $30 off orders of $150 or more that are going to expire if not used in the next 3 days.

So come and get it. just comment below or send me an email to shoppingmadesimpleblog at gmail dot com and I will pick two random winners.

Marc Jacobs Advertising Mayhem

Finally some real talk about these loopy Marc Jacobs ads with their creators. This one with Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice, highlights Marc's shoes with a 'misplaced' heel.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weight loss through threat of public shame...

Does it work? is it only a short-term result then or can it last?

I was home yesterday and flipping channels in the morning when I saw Regis and Kelly. I stopped because they were interviewing Keanu Reeves, what can I say, I have a residual crush from his Point Break and Speed days. When I was 13 he was on the cover of Details and I bought several copies so I could hang both sides of the articles pages on my bedroom wall. That was 17 years ago, whoa. I feel old. Do teenagers today even know who he is? Maybe from the Matrix.

Anyway, back to the show, after Keanu they were weighing in their staff members who were part of a weight loss challenge.

Now, I know this is not a new idea for a show. Oprah has done it among other shows but I still find it disgusting. And I don't care what they say, when your boss (and I have a feeling Oprah is no different in this department) asks for volunteers, you have to agree, right? It's an abuse of power, and it's ugly - to then make your employees lose weight on national television, compare their weight loss, have the world see if they don't succeed or have a bad week.

Can this weight-loss possibly be a long-term life change? And isn't this just another way to shame people into weight-loss?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Colorblock dressing

I ran across this nice little article about wearing brightly colored dresses inspired by Mondrian paintings. It's a fun trend that most everyone can participate in to an extent, I do like the advice in the article -

Colorblocking is definitely a trend meant to be worn by the masses this spring, not just the designer customer, says Suze Yalof Schwartz, Glamour's fashion editor at large. She recommends buying a garment that's already colorblocked for you, though, instead of creating your own with a top, belt and skirt — all in different colors.

One insider trick Yalof Schwartz offers is to wear neutral-colored shoes no matter what hues are part of your colorblocked outfit: "I prefer when you match your shoes to your skin tone. It will make legs look longer," she says.

For an inexpensive and less scary way to get into the trend, this dress from Target is cute -

Delia's has this adorable dress, perfect for hot summer days -

Plus - 15% off your entire dELiA*s purchase! Use code SPRBRK. Offer valid through 4.17.08.

For a higher end and less casual version try this Cynthia Steffe dress on sale at Saks -

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dress-up dolls are for grown-ups too


Dress-up dolls are for grownups too

I have a new obsession. I had lunch with a couple friends last week on Polk St. in San Francisco and there is this cool book/stationary store next door - I walked by and saw this in the window and HAD to have them.

Dress-up dolls are for grownups too

I have a new obsession. I had lunch with a couple of friends last week on Polk St. in San Francisco and there is this cool book / stationary store next door - I walked by and saw this in the window and HAD to have them.

It was the very last set of "City Girls" in the store, they had tons of "ballerinas" and some other such sets left, but all I wanted was city girls, it had to be mine.

I admired the tin(or some kind of thin metallic) box for a few days before I ripped into them and started playing, I'll show you our first attempts -

Can you guess which is mine and which is my boyfriend's?