Tuesday, September 29, 2009

House of Harlow Leather Jewelry

I am shocked about how into the House of Harlow jewelry line I am. It's Nicole Ritchie's jewelry line, which I was sure I would hate but I can't help loving it. I love the designs and the unexpected materials, like a lot of leather. Plus, it's pretty reasonably priced, and some of the pieces, like the necklaces below, are on sale.

House of Harlow Black Leather Necklace

House of Harlow Large Sunburst Pendant in Black Leather

My absolute favorite piece though, is this leather and rhinestone cocktail ring. I just feel like it would go with everything, and look cool without being over the top, and the rocker-chic thing is a great look.
House of Harlow White Leather and Stone Cocktail Ring

Black is also pretty cool if you aren't as into the white as I am -

House of Harlow Black Leather and Stone Cocktail Ring

Marc by Marc Jacobs bag sale

Gilt has a Marc by Marc Jacobs sale today. Looks like it will be bags! Click here for the link.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

Today is Yom Kippur, so i am off somewhere, atoning, fasting and being very very grumpy. Hunger does that to me. For those of you not atoning today I thought I'd post about this -

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

I know, you are thinking, what? I thought her line shriveled up and went away after spending too long on the sale racks. Well, that's probably because it was totally overpriced. And now she has a line for Kohl's, cheap and actually quite cute. These are my favorites -

The jacket will look cute over everything, the chiffon top with skinny or wide leg jeans, trousers for work with a camisole underneath and a cardigan or the jacket over it. The dress is so cute on it's own, but you could also put a belt over it, where it with flats or heels or boots, it looks incredibly easy to wear. And did I mention that each piece is ridiculously inexpensive?

Friday, September 25, 2009


The Marchesa Spring line is full of incredibly detailed and interesting dresses.

This first dress is gorgeous and I love the different textures and colors. It's really beautiful, and I think it would be much more wearable if it were a few inches longer. I wonder how long it will be when it's actually in stores.

I've always had a thing for that seafoam color. In middle school and high school my bedroom was all about that color, I'm talking wall to wall carpet, bedding, the whole deal. I still think it's a very calming color and looks great in that dress above.

This next dress is also interesting, it's modern but also so 80's at the same time. I love the big puffy pleating detail on the front, but I'm not sure what to think about the bottom, I don't love the short in front, long in back look. It reminds me a little too much of a mullet. And yet I like it enough to post it here -

This last dress would be an amazing wedding gown for a fashion forward woman -

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michael Kors, Architect

The Michael Kors show was full of architectural looks. He also had a lot of weird dresses with strips of vinyl which is just absolutely ridiculous -hot, uncomfortable, not to mention what does one wear under it to make sure you don't put on a show for those around you? No woman who buys Michael Kors clothes wants to consider such an issue. But the good pieces are really good - and they make me wish I had the kind of life where I could actually wear all white outfits like these -

love the collar and zippers below-

I imagine that would require a driver, maid and chef, but a girl can dream about wearing head to toe white without getting dirty...in the meantime, I also love this flowy, cool summery skirt and sheer sweater. The necklace also adds the right(monochromatic) touch to the outfit -

And there is this gorgeous mint green architectural asymmetrical dress -

and this -

Love this speckled sheath dress, he always makes a great sheath -

and the shiny party dress, a must have -

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scarves, Tees and Flats on sale at Revolve

Revolve added a lot of great basics to their huge sale last week, including great scarves and tees, perfect for the transition to fall.

Some of my favorites -

Love Quotes scarves marked down to $51, it's a great deal on a lovely scarf (I couldn't resist!) -
Orange is big for fall, will add a great pop of color to your jackets,

Love Quotes Scarf Hand Knotted Fringe in Valencia

The shades of blues are my personal faves though, and cobalt is also really popular for fall -
Love Quotes The Boyfriend Eyelash Fringe Scarf in Bali

Love Quotes Hand Knotted Fringe Scarf in Island

there are other colors on sale...

And the perfect C+C California tees marked down heavily -

C&C California Vita V-Neck Top in Cobalt Blue

and great Elizabeth and James flats for fall -

Elizabeth and James Jill in Grey

All great building blocks for your fall wardrobe...at great prices.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Bags for 20% off at Piperlime

has 20% off of all shoes and bags through Sept 23rd, use the code TREAT.

I would use it on this Tano bag I think -

Women's shoes/bags: Tano Boogy Bucket 9897 - Garnet and brown

I love the red and brown for fall. Tano bags are great, they are nice leather and really reasonably priced. With the 20% off, this is ridiculous.

It also comes in black/brown -

Women's shoes/bags: Tano Boogy Bucket 9897 - Black and brown

I also like them because they are lightweight on their own, rare these days with nice bags. Some of them can weigh 4 pounds before you even put anything in them, crazy.

I also really dig this See by Chloe bag -

Women's shoes/bags: See by Chloe Rise & Shine NS Bag - Stone

Such a great work bag, it will fit all the important papers/laptop, etc, but still looks so chic. This is no boring work bag.

Cute Maternity Work Clothes for Fall

A friend who is now in her second trimester is starting to need maternity pants, but the stores she has gone to don't carry petite lengths of pants. Some of you may be able to relate to the fact that by the time she would actually take pants to the tailor and get them back, she may have already outgrown them! so...I told her I find some cute petite maternity pants for her online.

I love these black cords, and with a 29 inch inseam they fit the bill -

They have a cute flare at the bottom, and since they are meant to be shorter, the knee break is in the right place, key for a petite woman.

Dressing for work can be particularly difficult while pregnant, and these pants are perfect for the office -

They also have a 30 inch inseam which works for a petite woman. I love the crease down the center of the leg.

They are both perfect for fall/winter, and are between $68-$78, not bad for a nice pair of pants.

If you live in the Bay Area (or another equally casual and warm area) these bermudas would be a great option as well -

Skirts are also great to have, and it's a good idea to have one or two of them to mix things up...particularly while it's still warm! A-Line versions are universally flattering -

or a more office approriate version -

A pencil skirt is always a good thing to have for the office -