Friday, January 29, 2010

The Perfect Black Pants

I found these slim Theory pants on sale at Piperlime and I LOVE them -

They are such a great pant, can be worn for work of course, but also they make create a great slim line for nights out.

Find them here under sale apparel-

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Sale Coats (Mackage)

After the trench post from yesterday I started looking around for more sale coats and found a treasure trove.

This first coat is Mackage, it's a puffy coat essentially, but much more stylized than the standard puffy. The photo makes it look quite severe but try to imagine it without the crazy hair and the over the knee boots -

Style: Ace/Color: Black

I also LOVE this shorter coat -

Style: Willow/Color: Peacock

The shape of that one is adorable, and being shorter it will be easier for more women to wear. I also like the collar, it's dramatic without being too dramatic...It comes in the lovely peacock blue above as well as black, white and charcoal. They all look really cool.

I also really like this wool plaid jacket -

Style: Quinn/Color: Black

So many coats, so little time...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Colorful Dresses Rule at the SAG Awards...

I have always been afraid to wear green, but I Think thanks to Lea Michele (of Glee), I may have to change my tune -

It's a Catherine Malandrino dress, and I love the color as well as the cut.

This photo I think proves Diane Kruger would look amazing in a brown paper bag -

The dress is a gorgeous shape, but the color? like a paper bag I'd have to say. And she still looks absolutely amazing.

And Christina Hendricks looks amazing in her gorgeous red dress, yet again proving that redheads CAN wear red -

Trench Coats For All

I have been less than inspired these days, the rain for days and pretty much only been thinking about ways to stay dry. I haven't bought myself a trench coat, I would love a Burberry but can't even think about spending that kind of money so what else is out there? I found some good options.

This William Rast one is interesting, and on sale -

William Rast Classic Twist Trenchcoat in Beige

I also like this navy option from Trovata -

Trovata St. Joseph Cotton Trench in Navy

Those are a start, I would need to throw on a warm scarf and hat...more on those another time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain boots for everyone!

Northern California is experiencing a week long deluge. It's ridiculous, yesterday we even had hail. So...rather than feel sorry for ourselves we all just need to buy good rain boots and move on, here are some favorites that if you order today, will be delivered tomorrow, just in time for the second half of the deluge! most of the brands also make styles for men and kids, so click through the pictures to find them.

This first pair actually comes in a lot of colors, something for everyone!

Kamik Women's Ellie Rain Boot

Hunters come in alot of colors and styles as well so if these are too tall, I'm sure they have a version for you -

Hunter Original Tall Welly Boot

and how cute is this toddler style???

Hunter Toddler Original Welly Boot

Happy shopping - and stay dry!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sample Sale Highlights for the Week (Splendid, Shoshanna, James Perse and more)

Ah, a 3 day weekend! Oh how I love them...but the sales don't stop so here they are -

Monday - Behnaz Sarafpour and Bally at Gilt; C+C California and Cosabella at Ideeli;

Tuesday - Stella McCartney and James Perse for men and women at Gilt;

Wednesday - Splendid, Shoshanna and Rosa Cha swim at Gilt; Madison Marcus at Haute Look;

Thursday - Marc by Marc Jacobs (looks like Resort or Spring) and designer denim blowout at Gilt;

Also the Saks consolidation sale starts Thursday, definitely worth checking out!

Golden Globes Best Dress

Somehow I totally forgot about the Golden Globes last night, so I had to catch up on the photos but so far my favorite dress is surprising -

Maggie Gyllanhall's Roland Mouret dress! It doesn't look like much from the side, but the art deco style detailing down the front is AMAZING. I love this dress.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Perfect Layer

I was flipping through a catalog (ok, as I am often doing) and came across this sweatshirt/jacket-

Wrap It Zip It Jacket

I love it! The teal color is great, but it's the shape that sold me. I love the biker jacket idea, but don't want to buy a leather jackets now, and for me, a nice jacket/sweatshirt is much more wearable. I can wear it out shopping with a client, or to the gym and it will look great. I have been considering buying much more expensive versions, but this one is a great price. And it comes in black as well-

Wrap It Zip It Jacket

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

an outfit inspired by 27 Dresses...

I have introduced my husband to the romantic comedy, and so have been enjoying more of them lately. I watched 27 Dresses for the umpteenth time and although some of Katherine Heigl's outfits are boring, there are a few I still love - they have stood the test of time, ok just a couple of years but still...

I know, I know, you can't see all of her outfit and Malin Ackermen is stealing some of the spotlight in the first shot, and the second is an awkward view. Sorry, but you get the idea, right?

So, I love that outfit, the straight black pants, cream top and black vest or short sleeved cardigans. I've been looking around for that top layer and found a couple of really interesting options.

This first one is very different from other tops, I like the drapey sleeves and low v neck, as well as the way it closes just in the middle. That will create curves on those of us who may need a little help, and accentuated a waist in anyone who doesn't need the help. It will also broaden narrow shoulders. It's really a flattering shape.

Funktional Upside Down Shrug in Black

This second one is cute, it's alittle more mainstream than the one above but can still create a similar outfit -

Laurie B

It also closes just in the center creating curves, and the drapey v-neck is flattering. The smaller shoulders are better for anyone who has very broad shoulders (vs. the first one above, that will probably accentuate shoulders)

You can just throw either of these on over many pieces already in your wardrobe, making it very useful.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I won! I won a Rebecca Minkoff Beloved Mini

I think this is a very auspicious start to the year, certainly to the day considering one of my first emails I read today came from someone at Fashionista telling me I'd won a giveaway from November I don't even remember entering! I'm sure I did, I enter anything when it comes to winning clothes, bags, jewelry or shopping sprees. So, what I won is a Rebecca Minkoff Beloved Mini. It looks like it's sold out most places, but here is a photo -

If you click over to
, you can put it in the search box and it's available for pre-order.

The larger version (the regular Beloved, imagine that...) is available here-

Beloved Bag in Harewood Brown
That is a great looking bag, perfect for a laptop, paperwork or whatever it is you need with you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Everybody Needs to Eat

I know this blog is supposed to be about clothes and accessories, but this obsession of mine is at least shopping related -

One of my favorite restaurants in New York, Veselka, finally came out with a cookbook! Oh how I love their Ukrainian comfort food - pierogis, blintzs and potato pancakes. Now I can make them at home. An article about the place with recipes is in the New York times this week, the blintz recipe (with the same article I think) was posted a week or two ago.

I'll be back with clothes tomorrow. Unless I'm busy cooking...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sample Sale Highlights for the week (Rag and Bone for men and women, Zac Posen, Beirn)

Happy new year! and back to business as usual...sample sales this week include -

Monday - Beirn at Gilt, these are pretty and lightweight watersnake bags that look much more expensive...

Tuesday - Zac Posen at Gilt; Calphalon at Rue La La;

Wednesday - Rag and Bone at Gilt Men;

Thursday - Rag and Bone at Gilt; Lela Rose at Rue La La;