Tuesday, January 12, 2010

an outfit inspired by 27 Dresses...

I have introduced my husband to the romantic comedy, and so have been enjoying more of them lately. I watched 27 Dresses for the umpteenth time and although some of Katherine Heigl's outfits are boring, there are a few I still love - they have stood the test of time, ok just a couple of years but still...

I know, I know, you can't see all of her outfit and Malin Ackermen is stealing some of the spotlight in the first shot, and the second is an awkward view. Sorry, but you get the idea, right?

So, I love that outfit, the straight black pants, cream top and black vest or short sleeved cardigans. I've been looking around for that top layer and found a couple of really interesting options.

This first one is very different from other tops, I like the drapey sleeves and low v neck, as well as the way it closes just in the middle. That will create curves on those of us who may need a little help, and accentuated a waist in anyone who doesn't need the help. It will also broaden narrow shoulders. It's really a flattering shape.

Funktional Upside Down Shrug in Black

This second one is cute, it's alittle more mainstream than the one above but can still create a similar outfit -

Laurie B

It also closes just in the center creating curves, and the drapey v-neck is flattering. The smaller shoulders are better for anyone who has very broad shoulders (vs. the first one above, that will probably accentuate shoulders)

You can just throw either of these on over many pieces already in your wardrobe, making it very useful.

Happy shopping!

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