Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Sale Coats (Mackage)

After the trench post from yesterday I started looking around for more sale coats and found a treasure trove.

This first coat is Mackage, it's a puffy coat essentially, but much more stylized than the standard puffy. The photo makes it look quite severe but try to imagine it without the crazy hair and the over the knee boots -

Style: Ace/Color: Black

I also LOVE this shorter coat -

Style: Willow/Color: Peacock

The shape of that one is adorable, and being shorter it will be easier for more women to wear. I also like the collar, it's dramatic without being too dramatic...It comes in the lovely peacock blue above as well as black, white and charcoal. They all look really cool.

I also really like this wool plaid jacket -

Style: Quinn/Color: Black

So many coats, so little time...

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