Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Perfect Layer

I was flipping through a catalog (ok, as I am often doing) and came across this sweatshirt/jacket-

Wrap It Zip It Jacket

I love it! The teal color is great, but it's the shape that sold me. I love the biker jacket idea, but don't want to buy a leather jackets now, and for me, a nice jacket/sweatshirt is much more wearable. I can wear it out shopping with a client, or to the gym and it will look great. I have been considering buying much more expensive versions, but this one is a great price. And it comes in black as well-

Wrap It Zip It Jacket

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Brooke K said...

I absolutely loved this piece! It is the perfect combination of comfort and style... I found a similar jacket at Ron Jon (of all places) in Key West. Being Florida, they had it stashed on the clearance rack and I picked it up for $19.99!!! I wore it with jeans and ballet flats the other day, it will definitly be a staple throughout the spring! Love it!