Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Sales

Lot's of goodies on sale this weekend, take advantage of them to add a few fall pieces.

is giving $25 off of orders over $150.

I adore this Ecoganik dress, it's made of organic cotton and is only $119, fantastic for an adorable dress you can wear casually or dressed up with shoes, bag and jewelry:
Ecoganik Criss Cross Neck Dress in Plum

Throw in these earrings, and you qualify for the $25 off:
Kimberly Faith Large Open Hoop Earrings

Active Endeavors is offering 20% off of EVERYTHING until midnight on Monday. Use code laborday20

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get $100 off at Pink Mascara

Pink Mascara is now offering a similar deal to shopbop, $20 off of $100, $50 off of $250 and $100 off of $500.

I am still contemplating buying this incredible bag, I would use it all year in that gorgeous shade of blue:
Alexis Hudson Eos Shoulder Bag

and it's marked down 50%. with another $50 off it's looking mighty tempting.

I also LOVE this Milly combo dress,
Milly Rosette Combo Dress

I have been thinking about getting it for my rehearsal dinner, or really anything. With a jacket or cardigan over it you can wear it to work.

They also have summer things on sale, like this adorable Ella Moss string bikini:
Ella Moss Poppy Swimsuit in Daisy

I'm a total convert to the string bikini, the bottom is flattering because it doesn't cause the rolls that can be caused by a higher waist band. I recently bought a red and white version of this bikini and I love it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

'Big Girls' Deserve Cute Clothes Too!

One of my favorite readers has been asking about clothes for "big girls" and I can certainly deliver on that one. Nordstrom has some great options on sale even,

Like this adorable wear-everywhere dress,

Or this fun red print wrap dress - also on sale!

Both of these dresses are great because they define the waist, women with curves have to make sure they show them off, because if you try to hide it you end up looking like a rectangle which is just not attractive. The defined waist separates the chest from the hips and gives you shape.

Oui Oui to Le Dress!

I went to an adorable new boutique in Chicago last week in the search for a dress for my sister. This boutique began with a novel idea - they only sell dresses and the few things a woman needs to complete the outfit -shoes, bags, strands of beads and of course spanx!

The boutique, Le Dress, has a nice selection of styles in a range of sizes and prices, and they get new shipments every week. One of the two owners was more than happy to show me the styles coming in next week. They are building a house brand as well, looking forward to that!

click here for the store's website.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shop Jake and Jessica Simpson?

I got the strangest email the other day, Shopjake which is all about gorgeous, interesting clothing and accessories, mostly things I'm afraid to order online because I have no idea how it will look in person, sent an email with Jessica Simpson in it.

There are so many things wrong with that I'm not sure where to start. Here is the pic:

I know everyone uses Jessica Simpson to sell whatever it is they want to sell, but Shop Jake? I don't see her selling Vanessa Bruno or Mayle designs, I just don't.

Nor do I think that people who buy those clothes want to be associated with Jessica Simpson. Natalie Portman, yes. Katie Holmes, maybe now that she is more well known for her clothing choices than acting. But not Jessica Simpson.

Oh well.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TIme Out to Shop Sales!!!

Ok, so much wedding planning going on this week my head is spinning however I can always take a break for sales!

Shopbop has marked more things down and has further markdowns on existing sale items. Of course as I was pondering buying certain things they were selling out right under my nose!

Jcrew has free shipping until Friday. Use code fallishere.

Bluefly is giving an extra 15% off of bluesale stuff. There is always something to buy there.

Tomorrow we are beginning the search for my sister's dress for my wedding, should be an exhausting day.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun Jewelry on sale!

On Friday I ran some errands for wedding prep which included getting those little balls on my engagement ring to make it fit better and not turn all the time, as well switching other things to white gold to match. I didn't think it would be so fun but it was, and like getting new jewelry without spending so much.

I think we should all be able to do that if we need a pick me up! I found some adorable jewelry on sale that would make for great retail therapy if you are in need.

I like these hoops, they are fun for everyday but can totally be dressy if you want them to be:

Rachel Leigh White Beaded Hoops

I also really like these - they are big and make a statement and can make your outfit. I would wear them with everything, no matter the color.

Kipepeo Likoni Earrings in Azure

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vermont Inspired outfit...

Delia's has so many good deals these days like free shipping and 15% off of dresses, so I thought I'd create a Vermont inspired outfit with some cute clothes all from Delia's,

Like these pants -

The color reminds both of the preppy colors and the gorgeous scenery here. And they are a fantastic straight wide-leg pants which looks good on everyone. They will make you look long and lean and fantastic.

Or go for the fantastic walking short in a gorgeous color -

Throw on a white tank or t-shirt and this cardigan/vest -

Just add a long fun necklace and you have a preppy outfit with a little attitude.

They also have some very cute vintage-inspired bathing suits, like this adorable bikini top -

and this one piece -

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New England Preppies

I am in Burlington Vermont for a conference and the minute I got off of the plane I was reminded immediately I was no longer in California. The style is so different I just had to see a teenager to remember. I would call it Preppy Popsicle or something to that effect. It's gorgeous Popsicle colors, creamy yellow, orange and pink.

I went into a boutique in the cute small downtown pedestrian street and it was all Lilly Pulitzer and Juicy Couture. My time in California has clearly altered my perspective on preppy, I need to find some pictures and load them up to show the difference.

And if you want to get the preppy look, look for Tibi, Lilly Pulitzer and Juicy Couture, and mix it all together.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend sale at Active Endeavors

Active Endeavors is having a special sale this weekend on NEW items, just use code WEEKEND20 and get 20% off of full-priced new merchandise.

They have some great summer to fall pieces, like Julie Haus dresses, as well as denim, Alexis Hudson bags, all kinds of stuff. And there is free shipping.

Work and Conference Clothes

Yet another trip is coming up for me, a conference. And so of course I have been thinking about conference clothes and lo and behold I get an email from Brooks Brothers, a sale andFree Shipping on Orders (U.S. only) of $200+ at 8/8 – 9/3

I think it was kismet.

All of those non-iron shirts just waiting for us.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brazil Worthy Bikinis

I am still trying to focus on my honeymoon in order to stay sane, I'm thinking it's not exactly the most efficient way to avoid going crazy as now I'm obsessing over the stuff I will "need" for it. I reserved our tickets to fly to Rio (and back from Buenos Aires) and now i'm thinking about bikinis and pareos and other fun clothes that come to mind when thinking about Rio.

Like this adorable bikini on sale at figleaves:

The top is all those cute blue and white stripes.

Or this cute one:

But don't get me wrong, I'm almost positive there is no way I would actually wear something so low cut, but it is Brazilian so definitely right for Rio.

This is more like what I will wear:

I like ruched bikini bottoms because they are more forgiving - if your belly isnt rock hard this kind of bottom won't cut into the flesh there and create rolls (it's the clothes, not the body that's the problem)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why is Condi the only stylish one?

The Huffington Post took a look at what women politicians wear, comparing it to campaigning future first ladies. They play very different roles and their clothes speak volumes for those differences - the supportive but not too intrusive partner vs. the woman in pantsuit as armor. The column is worth a look. You can find it here.

Shopbop sales!

Shopbop is offering an extra 20% off of their sale merchandise in the 30-50% off categories (not the final sale 70% markdowns) use code BONUS20 and it's good until Aug 7 at 11:59 pm, PST