Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vermont Inspired outfit...

Delia's has so many good deals these days like free shipping and 15% off of dresses, so I thought I'd create a Vermont inspired outfit with some cute clothes all from Delia's,

Like these pants -

The color reminds both of the preppy colors and the gorgeous scenery here. And they are a fantastic straight wide-leg pants which looks good on everyone. They will make you look long and lean and fantastic.

Or go for the fantastic walking short in a gorgeous color -

Throw on a white tank or t-shirt and this cardigan/vest -

Just add a long fun necklace and you have a preppy outfit with a little attitude.

They also have some very cute vintage-inspired bathing suits, like this adorable bikini top -

and this one piece -

1 comment:

Tatiana Pil said...

Oh, I really, really like these turquise pants! They are so nice..