Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Skirt Perfection

In middle school I loved Esprit clothes, but they seemed to fall off the map for a while. Then when I lived in New York an Esprit store opened downtown, I couldn't believe it. And now I am into a few things on their website which has a good deal -
Online Special - Save 10% on ESPRIT

I love this skirt -
I love the shape - the A-line is such a flattering cut for pretty much everyone (I live in A-line skirts all summer!), and I love the pattern and the flowy fabric as well. In addition to this one, it comes in another (more blue) color scheme. It's also on sale and even better with the 10% off from above!

Click on the online special at the top to get to the website.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shoe Obsession of the Week...

I am so surprised by this but I am really, and I mean REALLY into these shoes -

Cynthia Vincent Women's Titus Stiletto Sandal

I'm looking for shoes to wear to my sister's wedding, and these are not the appropriate shoes but I want them for any other time...They come in black too, but there is something about this taupe and silver that keeps me coming back to them.

And there is a flat version of the sandal -

Cynthia Vincent Women's Olympia Flat Sandal

I don't necessarily love the tobacco color, but the black is fantastic. If you want to buy one gladiator sandal this summer, I'd consider either the heels or the flat version.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wearable High(er) Waisted Jeans

I have this perfect pair of high waisted jeans. They are amazing in the way they create a defined waist, have long straight wide legs making me look tall (quite a feat, by the way) and they were so inexpensive because I got them at Uniqlo in New York, but alas, they no longer fit me. I lost some weight in the fall before the wedding and I figured I would gain it back but I haven't and so I can't wear these jeans anymore. sad. I know, no one feels sorry for someone who has lost weight.

Jeans like this scare some people, but they don't have to look crazy like on Mischa Barton or Siena Miller, they can and do look great on normal people. In fact, if you have a problem with the dreaded "muffin top" these are a fantastic way to make that go away. They keep everything tucked into exactly where it should be.
Now I'm obsessed with finding a new pair and there are so many options my head is spinning.

I'm starting with these Rich and Skinny styles (on sale at Smartbargains!) -

Then there is this pair of Acne Blue Bells from Revolve -

Acne Jeans Bell Blue

But there are also styles that don't have this exaggerated high waist, they look like standard styles with just a little higher rise which works much better on most women, particularly women who have had kids and don't have as tight a tummy as they used to. Check these out -

The Citizens for Humanity Amber has a rise just a little higher than their other styles, and they work really well -

Citizens of Humanity Amber High Rise Boot in Dark Paris

J Brand makes midrise jeans in all it's different cuts, including this midrise bootcut -

J Brand 16

Monday, April 27, 2009

This week's sample sale roundup (Milly, Miguelina, Vince, Alexander McQueen)

I do love the online sample sales...

Tomorrow (Tuesday 4/28) Gilt has Milly, Heather Moore and some mysterious "Fabulous Gifts for Mother's Day" sale tomorrow for women and AG Jeans for men. They still have Lauren Moffet which started today and Gant for men.

Wednesday on Gilt- Alexander McQueen Womens Ready to Wear and accessories, LeSportSac and Jack Spade Bags. Billion Dollar Babes has a James Jeans Sale starting Wednesday (4/29). I've been seeing James jeans around alot these days and I'm really into them, I have a pair from years ago that are still one of my favorites. They would be a really good buy.

Thursday on Gilt- Kiki deMontparnasse, Leonello Borghi Women's, and Alice Ritter. For men -Bamford and Sons, Iceberg, Alejandro Ingelmo,

Friday on Gilt- Miguelina, Isharya, Gianfranco Ferre accesories and Vince Men's

Juicy Sweats On Sale!

I don't often write about loungewear, which doesn't mean they aren't important clothes, in fact I love my juicy sweatpants. However - don't expect to see me
1) in anything with a word on the rear, particularly the word "juicy" and
2)outside much in them, unless I'm on the way to or from my pilates classes.

That said, I spend a lot of time at home blogging and researching and it's important to think you look cute even when just doing things like that. Making your old, ratty, ill-fitting clothes into house clothes is not a good idea because you should never wear things that you don't want to see yourself in(get rid of them and free up the closet or drawer space!)

I bought my juicy sweats a while ago when I was spending a lot of time at home studying for a big oral exam. I thought I should do anything I could to make it a more pleasant experience. I still love wearing them (and I'm spending more time at home these days) which is why I'm happy that Revolve has the basic juicy sweats in both terry and velour on sale, including these great bright colors (don't be afraid to get the bright colors!)

I have a color very similar to this one -
Juicy Couture Velour Original Leg Pant in Grappa
Juicy Couture Velour Classic Zip Hoodie in Grappa

I also love this bright blue -

Juicy Couture Basic Velour Basic Drawstring in Squash

and the jacket -

Juicy Couture Basic Velour Longsleeve Track Jacket in Squash

I don't know why they show it this way since I think the jacket is cutest zipped up and fitted. I wore mine the day of my wedding, it's the perfect thing when you won't want to pull something over your head once your hair and makeup is done.

I also LOVE this bright yellow terry -

Juicy Couture Basic Terry Basic Drawstring in Beausoleil

They also have the yellow jacket on sale, but if you think you would mainly wear the pants you can skip the jacket. You can throw these on with a white tank or fitted long sleeve T and look great on your way to the gym or hanging out at home.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cute Leather Cross Body Bags and Satchels Under $200

Lately I have been into cross body bags, with a strap like a messenger but it's got to be small, light and of course pretty enough for me to love. I have a gorgeous convertible bag (works as cross body, or I can double the strap to make it a shoulder bag) I bought in Buenos Aires when we were there on our honeymoon in the fall. I have been looking around for another one, and stumbled across this one by what I thought was the most unlikely of brands, the Sak. I thought they only made those crocheted looking bags, but it turns out they use leather too.

This Silverlake Convertible clutch comes in a few colors, like this saffron yellow -

Women's handbags: The Sak Silverlake Convertible Crossbody Clutch - Saffron

It looks like it might be possible to double the long strap so that it works as a shoulder strap also, and when you take off the strap, fold the bag in half with the seaming detail out, it becomes a clutch. So many uses in one reasonably priced bag, it's unbelievable.

There are other colors, like this lovely stone or mineral gray -

The SAK Silverlake Convertible Clutch

This stone color is actually exactly what I've been looking for in a Spring/summer bag, but if you click on it you will also be able to see the persimmon color which is a beautiful coral-orange color.

If you like the leather and detailing, The Sak also makes a convertible shoulder/satchel bag with the same color leather and same seaming detail. I actually think this style, under $200, could give Botkier and Kooba a run for their money at a third of the price. amazing...

The SAK Silverlake Convertible Satchel

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's that time of year...Sunscreen

to buy sunscreen! The sun is out and it's been in the 70's and 80's here in Northern California. I wear sunscreen all year round but when the sun comes out and it gets very warm I need to use a more powerful one than I do during the dark rainy winter. I am afterall the daughter of a dermatologist (and sister of a future Dermatologist!) so I can't very well advertise their good advice with sunburn, wrinkles and sunspots can I? No way. Plus, I enjoy being thought to be in my mid-twenties and certainly hope that continues into my mid and late thirties! The only way that is going to happen is to continue taking very good care of my skin.

So, here are some good sunscreen options you can order online, and if your total is over $49 shipping is free!

This is Philosophy's broad spectrum SPF 30 for face and body -

Murad makes a line of products that have sunscreen, I'm completely addicted to the pomegranat lip balm with spf, they also make a couple kinds of sunscreen - an oil free and a waterproof version. Both of them are SPF 30.

This waterproof version is good for outdoor sports -

Bliss labs also has a sunscreen -

Here is that Murad lip balm I love -

It's a little pricey, I'll admit it, but i usually hate the taste of balms, and this one is great. It's a tough call between that one and this Fresh lip balm -

I love them both so much I carry them both so that I never have to make that call! Both have a higher SPF than most lip balms, taste good, smell good and have no color but add a little shine.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

inexpensive and adorable sandals and Piperlime SALE

I saw these adorable and well priced sandals in an email from Piperlime -

Women's shoes: Emma Pink Ingrid - Purple multi

They are so cute! and only $75, a great buy for Spring/Summer! Imagine them with skinny jeans, a blousy T-shirt and a long gold necklace, or a denim skirt, tank top and great earrings (or long necklace) great, simple summer outfits. They also come in 2 other colors, an orange multi which is a great way to wear orange if you shouldn't really wear it near your face like me (too much yellow for my skintone)

Women's shoes: Emma Pink Ingrid - Orange multi

and a navy patent version which works with everything -

Women's shoes: Emma Pink Ingrid - Navy patent

And even better Piperlime has it's own buy more, save more sale going on now -
Enjoy 10% off Piperlime purchases of $125 or more, and 15% off Piperlime purchases of $175 or more Just enter SAVE at checkout by May 3!