Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Candy Colored Bags for Spring

As usual, the sun comes out, the weather is great and I become obsessed with brightly colored objects. And also as usual, it starts with bags -

look at these great bags in candy colors!!!

THe first one is Andrew Marc, which means soft leather, and I like all the details including the two strap choices. When it's warm I don't necessarily want a bag that sits right under my arm (I sweat, what can I say)

Women's handbags: Andrew Marc Audrina - Tangerine

This yellow Andrew Marc is also so much fun -

Women's shoes: Andrew Marc Petra - Canary

This adorable bag is alot cheaper and made of synthetic material, perfect for anyone who doesn't want to carry leather -

Women's handbags: Jessica Simpson Gotham Satchel - Malibu

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