Friday, April 24, 2009

Cute Leather Cross Body Bags and Satchels Under $200

Lately I have been into cross body bags, with a strap like a messenger but it's got to be small, light and of course pretty enough for me to love. I have a gorgeous convertible bag (works as cross body, or I can double the strap to make it a shoulder bag) I bought in Buenos Aires when we were there on our honeymoon in the fall. I have been looking around for another one, and stumbled across this one by what I thought was the most unlikely of brands, the Sak. I thought they only made those crocheted looking bags, but it turns out they use leather too.

This Silverlake Convertible clutch comes in a few colors, like this saffron yellow -

Women's handbags: The Sak Silverlake Convertible Crossbody Clutch - Saffron

It looks like it might be possible to double the long strap so that it works as a shoulder strap also, and when you take off the strap, fold the bag in half with the seaming detail out, it becomes a clutch. So many uses in one reasonably priced bag, it's unbelievable.

There are other colors, like this lovely stone or mineral gray -

The SAK Silverlake Convertible Clutch

This stone color is actually exactly what I've been looking for in a Spring/summer bag, but if you click on it you will also be able to see the persimmon color which is a beautiful coral-orange color.

If you like the leather and detailing, The Sak also makes a convertible shoulder/satchel bag with the same color leather and same seaming detail. I actually think this style, under $200, could give Botkier and Kooba a run for their money at a third of the price. amazing...

The SAK Silverlake Convertible Satchel

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