Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting back to life and the fun stuff - sales!

I am recovering and trying to slowly get back to my regular life, and the first thing I am excited about (ok, second or third, ice cream and bendy straws have become important parts of my life this week) but Gilt has some amazing sales this week, starting with the FINAL SALE, today. I'm so excited I can't even tell you. I looked at all the brands and its insane. They are expecting so much traffic they already had a warning on the site yesterday that they might not be able to handle it all, and in fact it seemed like they had a practice run of glitches as well.

If you need an invitation link click here.

The final sale is divided between two days, on the first day you will find Helmut Lang, Doo.Ri, Tibi, Milly, Lauren Moffat, AG jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs and tons more. The second day brands include Ali Ro, Shoshanna, Cacherel, Vera Wang Lavender and so many more.

Saturday is the final sale for jewelry and other accesories (bag and shoe heaven i'm guessing)

They do have sales for men too - the "Main Event" sale for men looks fantastic, but that's over tonight so get to it.

I have to admit I already bought myself something(s) this week from Gilt, a great pair of Wendy Mink earrings and a Cynthia Steffe skirt. A girl needs some cute things to help her recover, and as my lip heals I'm looking more normal which is always a good thing.

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