Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wearable High(er) Waisted Jeans

I have this perfect pair of high waisted jeans. They are amazing in the way they create a defined waist, have long straight wide legs making me look tall (quite a feat, by the way) and they were so inexpensive because I got them at Uniqlo in New York, but alas, they no longer fit me. I lost some weight in the fall before the wedding and I figured I would gain it back but I haven't and so I can't wear these jeans anymore. sad. I know, no one feels sorry for someone who has lost weight.

Jeans like this scare some people, but they don't have to look crazy like on Mischa Barton or Siena Miller, they can and do look great on normal people. In fact, if you have a problem with the dreaded "muffin top" these are a fantastic way to make that go away. They keep everything tucked into exactly where it should be.
Now I'm obsessed with finding a new pair and there are so many options my head is spinning.

I'm starting with these Rich and Skinny styles (on sale at Smartbargains!) -

Then there is this pair of Acne Blue Bells from Revolve -

Acne Jeans Bell Blue

But there are also styles that don't have this exaggerated high waist, they look like standard styles with just a little higher rise which works much better on most women, particularly women who have had kids and don't have as tight a tummy as they used to. Check these out -

The Citizens for Humanity Amber has a rise just a little higher than their other styles, and they work really well -

Citizens of Humanity Amber High Rise Boot in Dark Paris

J Brand makes midrise jeans in all it's different cuts, including this midrise bootcut -

J Brand 16

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Sydne said...

I'm a fan of Anlo. I have a pair that come just below the belly button.