Monday, April 27, 2009

Juicy Sweats On Sale!

I don't often write about loungewear, which doesn't mean they aren't important clothes, in fact I love my juicy sweatpants. However - don't expect to see me
1) in anything with a word on the rear, particularly the word "juicy" and
2)outside much in them, unless I'm on the way to or from my pilates classes.

That said, I spend a lot of time at home blogging and researching and it's important to think you look cute even when just doing things like that. Making your old, ratty, ill-fitting clothes into house clothes is not a good idea because you should never wear things that you don't want to see yourself in(get rid of them and free up the closet or drawer space!)

I bought my juicy sweats a while ago when I was spending a lot of time at home studying for a big oral exam. I thought I should do anything I could to make it a more pleasant experience. I still love wearing them (and I'm spending more time at home these days) which is why I'm happy that Revolve has the basic juicy sweats in both terry and velour on sale, including these great bright colors (don't be afraid to get the bright colors!)

I have a color very similar to this one -
Juicy Couture Velour Original Leg Pant in Grappa
Juicy Couture Velour Classic Zip Hoodie in Grappa

I also love this bright blue -

Juicy Couture Basic Velour Basic Drawstring in Squash

and the jacket -

Juicy Couture Basic Velour Longsleeve Track Jacket in Squash

I don't know why they show it this way since I think the jacket is cutest zipped up and fitted. I wore mine the day of my wedding, it's the perfect thing when you won't want to pull something over your head once your hair and makeup is done.

I also LOVE this bright yellow terry -

Juicy Couture Basic Terry Basic Drawstring in Beausoleil

They also have the yellow jacket on sale, but if you think you would mainly wear the pants you can skip the jacket. You can throw these on with a white tank or fitted long sleeve T and look great on your way to the gym or hanging out at home.

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