Friday, April 17, 2009

The Jeans I want...

So, not to be morbid or dark, but the jeans I was wearing the day of my "incident" are unwearable. They were my everyday, go-to jeans for sneakers and flats and I want to get another pair for the same uses. But this time I'm not cheaping out and getting only what's available on Bluefly, instead i'm going straight for the good stuff, the ones I really want -

Citizens of Humanity Jeans Ingrid Flare in Dark Paris

The Ingrid style by Citizens of Humanity. I love them, they are a fantastic everyday jean for a body like mine (i.e. no waist to hip ratio to speak of, or is it hip to waist? whatever) they have a bootcut leg and the right rise.

I do also want to get a new pair of the straight leg style Ava, I wore mine to death (they actually developed a hole in the crotch)

Citizens Of Humanity Ava Straight Leg in Dark Paris

I wore these as my skinny jeans before I could bring myself to wear actual skinny jeans, the leg is really flattering and these work with just about any shoe or top you want to wear. I might have to get two pairs...

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