Friday, April 3, 2009

Italian Sneaker Obsession (Jennifer Garner likes them too!)

As a teenager I took my first couple of trips to Europe, neither was to Italy but there were Italian tourists all over the place and they were all wearing these sneakers (in all kinds of colors, Jennifer Garner is wearing them above in navy) -

Superga Portofino Sneaker

I was a little obsessed with them, but they seemed expensive to me back then and I could never find them in the states. Now I'm a grownup and I still love them, and $80 no longer seems crazy for a pair of shoes (yikes, does that say something about my spending habits?) and we can get them here in men's, women's and kids styles from Endless which means free shipping and returns. Seems like a great spring shoe.

Look at these adorable toddler versions -

Superga Infant/Toddler Torino Bambino Sneaker


Superga Toddler/Little Kid Genova Sneaker

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