Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Catherine Malandrino Dresses For a Steal...

Somehow the prices on some contemporary lines have increased a lot lately, Catherine Malandrino dresses, as I've noted before, hover around $500, but this lovely black dress is marked down to $159 - unbelievable!

Catherine Malandrino Detailed Waistband Sleeveless Dress in Noir

The fitted empire waist is incredibly flattering, creating an hourglass figure where there isn't one, or emphasizing one where it already is, the placement of the straps is also really nice. I also love the detail around the neck and at the waist, so it isn't your average black dress (not that any Catherine Malandrino dress is average) and you really cannot beat that price. It's silk, for some reason the one on the model is very wrinkled so it's not so hard to understand why they didn't fly off their shelves...but this would make a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

This is another fantastic Catherine Malandrino on sale -

Catherine Malandrino Dress with V-Neck in Noir/Multi

It's gorgeous - the flowy shape and the interesting neckline, I love this one. It is more expensive at $263, but that's half it's original price and with the beadwork at the neckline it's totally worth it. I can just imagine it with strappy sandals and a brightly colored clutch.

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