Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brazil Worthy Bikinis

I am still trying to focus on my honeymoon in order to stay sane, I'm thinking it's not exactly the most efficient way to avoid going crazy as now I'm obsessing over the stuff I will "need" for it. I reserved our tickets to fly to Rio (and back from Buenos Aires) and now i'm thinking about bikinis and pareos and other fun clothes that come to mind when thinking about Rio.

Like this adorable bikini on sale at figleaves:

The top is all those cute blue and white stripes.

Or this cute one:

But don't get me wrong, I'm almost positive there is no way I would actually wear something so low cut, but it is Brazilian so definitely right for Rio.

This is more like what I will wear:

I like ruched bikini bottoms because they are more forgiving - if your belly isnt rock hard this kind of bottom won't cut into the flesh there and create rolls (it's the clothes, not the body that's the problem)

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