Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cute Maternity Work Clothes for Fall

A friend who is now in her second trimester is starting to need maternity pants, but the stores she has gone to don't carry petite lengths of pants. Some of you may be able to relate to the fact that by the time she would actually take pants to the tailor and get them back, she may have already outgrown them! so...I told her I find some cute petite maternity pants for her online.

I love these black cords, and with a 29 inch inseam they fit the bill -

They have a cute flare at the bottom, and since they are meant to be shorter, the knee break is in the right place, key for a petite woman.

Dressing for work can be particularly difficult while pregnant, and these pants are perfect for the office -

They also have a 30 inch inseam which works for a petite woman. I love the crease down the center of the leg.

They are both perfect for fall/winter, and are between $68-$78, not bad for a nice pair of pants.

If you live in the Bay Area (or another equally casual and warm area) these bermudas would be a great option as well -

Skirts are also great to have, and it's a good idea to have one or two of them to mix things up...particularly while it's still warm! A-Line versions are universally flattering -

or a more office approriate version -

A pencil skirt is always a good thing to have for the office -

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Dalia said...

Elena, I also found that I really liked the maternity clothes I got at Target (who'd a thunk?) and I also got a few good pieces at Ann Taylor loft online (who knew?!) like a very comfy cordoroy knee length skirt.