Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michael Kors, Architect

The Michael Kors show was full of architectural looks. He also had a lot of weird dresses with strips of vinyl which is just absolutely ridiculous -hot, uncomfortable, not to mention what does one wear under it to make sure you don't put on a show for those around you? No woman who buys Michael Kors clothes wants to consider such an issue. But the good pieces are really good - and they make me wish I had the kind of life where I could actually wear all white outfits like these -

love the collar and zippers below-

I imagine that would require a driver, maid and chef, but a girl can dream about wearing head to toe white without getting the meantime, I also love this flowy, cool summery skirt and sheer sweater. The necklace also adds the right(monochromatic) touch to the outfit -

And there is this gorgeous mint green architectural asymmetrical dress -

and this -

Love this speckled sheath dress, he always makes a great sheath -

and the shiny party dress, a must have -

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