Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Botkier and Cole Haan

It's kind of crazy, but Smart bargains has some insane deals this week, I spotted so many pairs of shoes I'd love to buy it's a bit of a problem. So, you should!

my favorites:

these adorable Botkier sandals, I'm such a sucker for anything snake...

I love the neutral color, but at the same time the textures are phenomenal. I have a couple of pairs of their shoes and think they are so well made. These sandals will last you don't worry about Summer coming to an end.

If you haven't jumped on the nude pump bandwagon this is a greta way to get started -

It's Cole Haan and has that comfy Nike Air cushioning in it, and its a totally wearable heel height (around 2.25 inches). The toe isn't round, nor is it pointy which makes it easier to wear for years, it's timeless. comes in red too!

love it for jeans, trousers, even suits. They are actually really versatile.

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Khadeidra said...

The Botkier sandals are definitely hot! I'm a huge fan...They're on Facebook..and I follow them on Twitter as well! Their Marnie boot is also TO DIE FOR!! :)