Monday, September 28, 2009

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

Today is Yom Kippur, so i am off somewhere, atoning, fasting and being very very grumpy. Hunger does that to me. For those of you not atoning today I thought I'd post about this -

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

I know, you are thinking, what? I thought her line shriveled up and went away after spending too long on the sale racks. Well, that's probably because it was totally overpriced. And now she has a line for Kohl's, cheap and actually quite cute. These are my favorites -

The jacket will look cute over everything, the chiffon top with skinny or wide leg jeans, trousers for work with a camisole underneath and a cardigan or the jacket over it. The dress is so cute on it's own, but you could also put a belt over it, where it with flats or heels or boots, it looks incredibly easy to wear. And did I mention that each piece is ridiculously inexpensive?

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rakeback said...

Lauren is such a talented designer. I have followed her since she was on Laguna Beach and again on The Hills, and shes such a beautiful woman. I hope she continues down the successful path she's on.