Monday, September 21, 2009

3.1 Phillip Lim for Spring 2010 - great dresses

Phillip Lim is a fashion media darling, Hollywood starlets love him but to be honest, I never really thought many of his clothes seemed wearable by real people. Until now.

I just went through his show from last week during New York Fashion Week and holy crap. I loved pretty much every single look and I think these are really wearable by real women.

The first two looks are great pieces for every day life, the cropped trench in the first photo and the amazing mustard or gold skirt in the second-

I can't quite tell is the outfit below has a skirt or shorts, but whatever they are, I LOVE this. The top is so interesting with different textures and colors, and the waist is nipped in as in all of the following looks (which makes things much more wearable, versus the sacks or complicated things that only look good on models)

The look below would be work appropriate with cardigan or jacket, and it looks like a great party look without it.

This may sound crazy but the dress directly above reminds of the urim v'tumim, the jeweled breast plate the high priest would wear in the Temple as described in the bible. That is cool for a geeky historian such as myself :) Plus I love the different textures and colors, as well as the shape of the dress. It's really fantastic.

I love all of those dresses above and I would seriously love to wear them all. phew. Spring may be very expensive for me! It looks like alot of trends will continue, metallics, cinched waists, pencil skirts and full skirts, 80's era jackets with strong shoulders. Nice. To see all of the photos click here for

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