Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Grown-Up Romper?

Most kids wore the one-piece outfit called a romper at one time or another (most of those times are before the age of 8 I'm guessing) Adults wore them in the Studio 54 heyday, but not really in my lifetime - except for say, Gloria Gaynor or someone who was big in the 70's and found it worked for them.

In college I had a friend from Florida (I thought the weather in the state made a difference, I mean they weren't bundled up in huge coats all winter like we were in Chicago) who had really cool style, bought all of her clothes at vintage and second hand stores and she wore a full-body jumpsuit and made it work. But I could never do it, but Shopbop is carrying a few rompers now and I wonder who buys them.

This is a full-length version -
It's $299, that is seriously steep for a look like this.

They also have the Lauren Conrad short one,

has a whole section for jumpsuits, like this
Society for Rational Dress Gather Jumper

It's a little shapeless, butI really like this one, it's pretty hot -
Grace Sun Wide Leg Jumpsuit

This one has a military, or maybe its safari look to it -
Nicholas K Cal Jumper

I love the neckline of it.
So it looks like there are styles for everyone who wants to sport this look.

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Danz said...

The L.C one is cute.