Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Oscar Favorites

As usual, there were some fashion winners and losers. I'm choosing to focus on the winners!

First up - Queen Latifah, who looked absolutely gorgeous. This is not the best angle but still, the dress was perfect, her hair, makeup and accessories were also perfection.

Gabourey Sidibey (I hope I spelled that right), she loved her Marchesa gown and so did I!

Elizabeth Banks, I loved the whole look. I could do without some of those fluffly layers at the bottom, but overall her dress, hair, makeup and accessories created such a stunning look it didn't matter so much.

Anna Kendrick - I would not have chosen the color, but I did love the gown. It's ethereal.

Of all the women in red, Sigourney Weaver is my favorite. How is that this woman doesn't age? It's really amazing, and that dress is perfect for her.

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Pia said...

loved anna kendrick!