Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Afternoon Wedding Dresses and More...

Big sale at Yoox these days, a great source for discount designer clothes, and more interesting pieces than sites like Bluefly.

How cute is this one -

It's a little formal, perfect for an afternoon wedding. There are other shapes in a similar fabric, this one is stunning -

That would work for a more formal evening event as well.

And this more casual Michael Kors dress -

I love the retro shape of this dress, and it comes in a bright red or dark blue as well. It's a $500 dress marked down to under $200, sounds great to me!

Yoox also has a ton of Superfine denim for $70-$80, a really good deal. Check out these adorable capris -

If none of the above strikes your fancy, check out the pages and pages of other amazing merchandise -


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