Thursday, June 12, 2008

LA Bound...

My friend is getting married this weekend in LA, and I'm so excited to be going down there tomorrow for a few days. I have not spent much time there, basically one dodgers game, one pedicure, and a Saturday morning on Pico is all I've done there. Shaina, who is driving us down there has already predicted a sartorial emergency so she made sure I have some of the weekend blocked off for shopping (does anyone really need to ask me??) I've made a short list of some boutiques I'd like to visit. She asked if my fiance needs to be entertained during that time - I guessed that the sheer possibility of seeing Britney Spears will be enough to get him to go anywhere with us and he confirmed that I do indeed know him well.

But now I have to pack, and it's really HOT up here in northern CA so it's got to be really hot down there. I'm thinking a sundress or two, workout clothes, and shabbat and wedding clothes.

I'm wishing I had this dress right about now -
Twelfth Street Draw Waist Cami Dress

and these adorable (and affordable!) sandals -

Aerosoles Women's Soul Mate Thong

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Penina P. said...

So, how did the LA boutiques measure up? Would love some recommendations! (Thanks for being there for the wedding, btw.)