Monday, December 7, 2009

Body Scrubs

I usually start the week with the sample sales, but to be honest, I wasn't so excited about anything I saw coming up. Instead, I thought I'd post something I have been looking for - a good exfoliant for the shower.

The best would be these Fresh Sugar scrubs -


but they are pretty expensive, and I'm not going to spend $65 on a scrub (but more power to you if you can. The top one is $65, the second one is $48) but I have found that scrubs with sugar in them make my skin incredibly soft.

It's rare that Bliss Labs products look downright reasonable, but they do here (and wouldn't they make lovely gifts?) This is their new one -

or the lovely lemon and sage version -

I checked out the Sephora version of these things and they are cheaper, but for half the amount, making the Bliss version actually cheaper per ounce. I thought that was interesting comparison shopping.

This next brand, 100% Pure, is actually pure - no unrecognizable ingredients and nothing people think may be harmful (like parabens, etc) and it comes in many different fruit 'flavors' AND it's cheaper than all the others. My favorite is this blood orange version -

If you are always looking for natural products it's worth taking a look at their other products as well.


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Susan said...

Fan-freaking-tastic!!! I've been looking for a new body scrub with winter coming in and while I SO love all of the yummy smells at Sephora, I almost always skip it in favor of going to a natural foods store to get things without chemicals. I will TOTALLY pick up some of that 100% Pure. Thanks for the tip... :)