Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend sales and gifts (and fast free shipping!)

I feel as though my posts have been lackluster lately, I've been battling a cold which finally came full-on this week rendering me pretty useless. The Hanukkah doughnuts helped, but they could do only so much, Veronica Mars on demand helps even more (Comcast finally did something right)plus the fact that it's Friday. There are so many sales out there, my congested head is spinning. If you have the time and energy to go through them, the department store sales this weekend will probably be very worthwhile. I'm partial to Bloomingdales, but Saks and Barneys also have great sales going.

But if you want to shop from your desk, as I do (cough, sneeze) there are good deals to be had, with free shipping that is lightening fast.

These are fun, are on sale and would make a nice gift -

Gorjana Oxford Tear Earrings in Gold

And what girl isn't going to like getting a pair of these pants -

Juicy Couture Basic Terry Original Leg Pant in Anacapri

Neither is earth shattering, but they are much appreciated. And for the men in your life, this blazer is a good choice -

Howe Personal Jesus Blazer in Caster Grey

Revolve also has a lot of men's Dylan George styles on sale, like these -

Dylan George Boot in Marrick

Lot's more where those came from, click on any of the pictures to get there.

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