Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2010 highlights

Diane, as usual, did amazing things this season. I see that slim ankle length pants are still huge for fall, I like that look so I'm happy. She did great wearable day-time clothes as well as her specialty - the cocktail dress. These are my favorite looks.

I really like this silhouette, the black slim pants and top (or is it one piece? I'd prefer to think not) and the patterned jacket. Pretty much everyone could pull off some variation of this outfit.

I actually like the stripe on these pants, as well as that gorgeous purple/blue in the top.

I love the slouchy-relaxed look of this one, It doesn't need the big sweater coat over it, the dress and belted sweater over it would look great on their own.

Without the big puffy shoulders this is THE perfect black dress. It would look amazing on everyone, the ruching works well if you have curves, or created them if you don't. And the v-neck is great as well as the length.

The next two looks are just so much fun, I want to go to a party in either of these!

She always does a great metallic dress, this is like wearing liquid gold -

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