Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ode to the Cocktail Dress - Lela Rose Fall 2010

I have been sifting through photos from fashion week and as usual it's a little overwhelming. I thought I'd start with a winner - Lela Rose knows how to make a dress. Somehow, she created a collection with a lot of perfect knee-length or shorter dresses. Most of them are party-wear, but this first one would be perfect for work -

How cute is that one? And below, the BLUE! whoa. I LOVE the color, the v-neck, the bubble-ish skirt, I can just see it on everyone ALL THE TIME! was that effusive enough?

And this dress, I don't often think things this color are lovely, but this one is -

But this one makes me drool -

I adore this little black dress as well, it's perfection!

ah, the shine!

And last because I find it absolutely enchanting -

It's the perfect cream confection of a dress, the ruffle is beautiful. I would never gravitate towards a cream or white dress normally, but like all the dresses above, it is just gorgeous and I would wear it in a second. In fact, I wish I had events to wear them all to, sadly in Berkeley I would look very out of place in these dresses so all of you who have events to go to- when these hit the stores you must buy them!

For more photos go to style.com

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