Thursday, July 17, 2008

morning blahs and good footwear

I generally am a big fan of public transportation, I grew up taking the bus around Chicago and after living in New York never really wanted to drive again. However after three years in the Bay Area I understand completely why people don't like to take public transportation. This morning muni had some kind of outage so i waited forever, then, when I made the connection to a bus - i managed to get a seat on a bus that is ALWAYS crowded - and what happens? crunch.

The bus hit someone's car door.

Annoying. And I feel I can say that freely because no one got hurt. But we all had to get off the bus. I chose to walk the rest of the way. Thank goodness I was wearing comfy flats.

So the lesson from all this? There are two actually: always wear shoes you could walk to work in if need be, and never open your car door when a bus is coming.

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