Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My LA trip

So I realized I never got around to posting about the shopping I did in LA. Wedding planning has really gotten the better of me the past month. We had our tasting today (fun!) and hopefully I will have my life back after I make all our major vendor decisions next week (band, florist, photographer)

So, back to our weekend in LA. I didn't have a ton of time to shop as we were there for a wedding, but I definitely got to check some things out.

First up, Beverly Drive. We checked out the stores that are always in the tabloids like Harmony Lane. They have adorable dresses, as long as you are a size 4, if you are any bigger don't even bother. No wonder Eva Longoria is always "spotted" in there.
I have to say that the Lisa Kline location ( 315 S. Beverly Drive, there are several stores around the city, a commenter didn't like that I wasn't more specific) was a really pleasant experience. The saleswoman was really nice and helpful as opposed to the other location I visited (on Robertson, more later)

The boutique I really liked on Beverly Dr. was Switch. I hadn't remembered reading about it, the people who work in the boutique were really nice. I only realized later the woman helping me was one of the owners. They had a jewelry designer and a clothing designer hanging out talking to people who came in. Their merchandise is different from all the other places on the street which was refreshing, much of it not really appropriate for life in Northern California, but on the sale rack I found a lovely Loeffler Randall dress I'd had my eye on earlier -

The color is gorgeous, and I like the ruffle. I thought it might not work with my broad shoulders, but it looked lovely. It's still listed at full price on the site ($260) but I paid half price in the store.

Sunday morning my friend took me to Robertson Blvd to check out the shops. I was really surprised with Kitson(115 S. Robertson), it was great. They had a fantastic selection of just about everything, especially dresses, bags, and scarves. And in a huge price range. I wouldn't say the people there were helpful or friendly, but the stuff makes it worth a trip. The rest of the stores on the street were nothing exciting or even worth writing about. The young women who work at Lisa Kline on Robertson were unbelievably rude, they pretended we weren't there, even leaning over us to hang something up. They don't even greet people who walk in. And none of the other shops have anything you can't buy elsewhere.

So that was pretty much the extent of my shopping, or the good experiences anyway. I love my dress from Switch, so as far as I'm concerned it was a successful trip!


Anonymous said...

your blog doesn't make sense. first you say that lisa kline was a pleasant experience, then you say it wasn't?!?

Elaina said...
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Penina P. said...

I love this post! So LA with hot and cold attitudes. Next time you are here, I want to go shopping with you!