Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes cheap clothes are just cheap and not a good deal

I find myself being annoyed constantly these days. My future in-laws are the definition of difficult, and that's putting it mildly.

I thought I would make myself feel better by buying some fun and cheap summer clothes while I still can, for our honeymoon. I went to Forever 21 because I'd seen some girls wearing cute stuff from there recently -sorry Shaina, I know I promised not to shop there, but just wait, it gets better.

I just could not bring myself to buy anything there. The stuff was cute, but man is it cheap and not in a good way (a bargain is good, just plain cheap is bad). it's worth what you pay for it. Fine for teenagers I suppose although I never like the idea of disposable clothes, but it's definitely no longer for me. It's also the experience of shopping there that I can't stand, the teens who work there really could not care less about the merchandise so they drag it around on the floor and by the time this one girl had brought it into the dressing room for me (which they insist upon doing) one of the dresses was ruined from getting caught on hangers.

So I bought nothing, and went over the Bloomingdales to find something of better quality, but I didnt find a single thing I was interested in. I hardly remember that ever happening.

So I came back to Berkeley and bought some chicken soup and holed up in front of my TV and computer where I found something that did make me smile - wedding shoes!

I love these shoes -

Women's shoes: Caparros Amari - Opal silk

They are classy and classic, already ivory so I don't have to do any dying which just makes me a little crazy when I think about doing something else, AND only $65. awesome.

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