Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a mellow new years eve

Friends we visited in Argentina (yes, we visited friends on our honeymoon and it was a lot of fun! Thanks Bea and Dani) taught us how to play the card game hearts. So there we were, sitting at an outdoor table at a cafe in Mendoza playing this game, then the cafe closes and we move to a restaurant to continue the game, only we need a second table to keep our food on while we play, and play we do! It was fun and we couldn't stop until Dani shot the moon, I lost big time. Our waitress was not so amused.

So New Year's Eve we will be hanging out with friends here in Berkeley and we are hopeful they will feed our love of the game.

For that I certainly don't need a new dress or anything, and to be honest after all the clothes I bought for the wedding weekend, it's nice to not have to think about it. That doesn't mean that people don't care what they wear to dinner parties though, and with that I can help! Well, sales help too, oh, and overnight shipping.

Pink Mascara
is giving an additional 20% off sale items. Use code 20offsale.

Active Endeavors is giving 40% off of new items, use code newyear.

I went to Banana Republic yesterday and all their sale items are another 20% off, pretty spectacular. I got a really cute sweater for $25. Although I do question their sizing because I'm not sure anyone smaller than me can possibly wear their clothes anymore. It's crazy how big things are there now, I'm an XS? I'm nobody's XS. weird. Everyone likes the idea of buying a smaller size, but it's like grade inflation on acid.

I also bought a cashmere sweater at Bloomingdales which had been marked down once, and then was marked down another 50%. very good deal, I must say. But again, the sizing thing is crazy.

Now is a great time to buy sweaters on sale. Also pants. Everything, it's all been marked down so many times at this point. Happy shopping.

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