Tuesday, December 23, 2008

pots and pans on the brain

I keep thinking about possible blog posts, and then I go back each and every time to pots and pans. I usually write about clothes and accessories, but housewares is still shopping-related.

I am way totally preoccupied with that. Now that the wedding is over we are thinking about all of the fun cooking tools we received and setting up our kitchen together. My husband (I still feel funny using that word!) is obsessed with efficiency in all things. So he is totally focused on induction cooktops, . I have never used one but they are supposed to be incredibly efficient, and the surface doesn't get hot, only the pot. It's perfect for preventing kids and clumsy adults like me from burning themselves.

So, this affects us how, you might ask. Well, many types of cookware don't work on induction cooktops. And because we are planning to set up a kosher kitchen, we need two distinct sets of cookware so that we never get them mixed up. All-Clad stainless steel cookware does work on induction, those will be our meat set, but for dairy we are torn. I had originally planned to have a mix of Calphalon One and All-Clad LTD -they are stainless on the inside and anondized aluminum on the outside- so they look very different. But the aluminum doesn't work on induction so that throws a wrench into the system. Cast iron works well and we are thinking about a set of Le Creuset but it's so heavy I can't imagine regularly hoisting 30 pounds on the stove when I make a big pot of soup.

It is really pretty -

They cook incredibly well and clean very easily, and yet it's been tough to decide...I know, woe is us.

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