Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Boot Obsession

Before I have even settled back into life I found something new to be obsessed over - grey boots. I tried on an amazing pair in Buenos Aires, but alas they didn't have my size. So I came back bootless and with an eye for all things grey leather.

Lo and behold - they would be perfection if it weren't for two pesky things - first the 3.5 inch heel, and 2nd, the $314 price tag at ALREADY half off.

I have already thought of all the incredible outfits I would build around these boots, but with those heels I wouldn't actually be able to walk anywhere. I would look like a very well dressed statue. Still, a girl can dream...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE grey accesories! I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon! We had such an amazing time at your wedding. Thank you so much for having us!
Brooke Switzer

Shopping cart said...


I think these are ladies boots and so beautiful and there are so many ladies are wears these kinds of boots.