Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My "New" Jeans, love the J Brand black denim

I had a few pairs of favorite jeans in the 7th grade. The two pairs that stand out in my mind (because they were awesome)were Guess and Jordache, and they had zippers at the ankle. The Guess pair was dark and simple, the zipper was on the outside of the calf. The Jordache pair was a really light color (I do not want to call them acid washed) and there was a bow at the top of the zipper which ran up the back of the calf. Love. really. My middle school friends have to remember those jeans, Jenny?

Anyway...I posted a little while back about skinny black jeans, and yesterday at Bloomingdales I indulged myself with these beauties:

J Brand 10

Now, you should realize that on me they do not look cropped, they go to the floor and will look respectable with flats or heels, and definitely tucked into boots. That is important because THEY HAVE THE ZIPPER. yup. the ankle zipper of my youth is back, and while I thought I would find it super cheesy, I love it just as much at 31 as I did at 12.

The jeans pictured above with said zipper are the J Brand Deal in Noir (with a 10 inch ankle circumference), now if you like the style but not the zipper they also make the Pencil style -

J Brand 12

This one has a 12 inch ankle circumference, and while the model looks totally uncomfortable and like she needs a good meal, your hip bones do not need to be visible in order to wear this style. I swear.

I also tried the J Brand Skinny style, which is somehow different from the Pencil and the Deal, and not in a good way. Those puppies hardly fit over my feet, and that is just weird.

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Elin said...

Love the jeans! I'd never be able to pull them off myself unless I was sporting my new fav shapewear find as well - Slimpressions! Great for muffin top, back fat, and arm flab! Brilliant. :) Wish I had thought of that! Found them at Intimacy in NY on my last trip there...

Happy New Year!