Thursday, June 11, 2009

Graduation outfits

On Friday my sister becomes a doctor. Kind of crazy, and very exciting. So, I'm going back to Chicago for another fun event and of course what that means is - a new outfit, or at least a plan for one. A lot of people are going to graduations these days and here are a couple of ideas for a nice graduation outfit, not too nice mind you. These are not black tie affairs.

My first one - I like this cute denim dress,

Aristocrat Valentina Dress in Cymberline

I think it has an adorable shape and it's very wearable, it will not hang in your closet much this summer. My most-frequently worn clothes end up tossed on a chair most of the time between wearings, why put it away when you will want it again in 2 days? It drove my parents crazy when I was a kid and now my husband has to deal with it. oh well.

The thing about the dress though, is that it needs a little oomph, and this necklace by Twinkle will certainly give it a playful edge -

Twinkle by Wenlan Oz Necklace

But there is of course another option -

Lotta Stensson Ruffle Knee Length Dress

It's a jersey dress with a cute ruffle which comes in a rainbow of fruit flavors - red, purple, white, etc. It's on sale for half off, making it an even better purchase. I find these easy to wear jersey dresses perfect for summer, you can roll them up and toss them in a suitcase and they work perfectly, you can throw them over a bathing suit or wear them to a morning graduation - perfection in my book. Everything should be that versatile.

This one would probably work just as well with the Twinkle necklace, or with something more delicate like this -

Gorjana Double Tinsley Necklace in Gold

Throw on some flat sandals and use a cute little bag and you are good to go.


Sydne @ ThinkThruFashion said...

Jersey is always safe. It wont wrinkle on your plane ride home.

Penina P. said...

Obviously, your blog is well read. The necklace you featured is now out of stock. Boo! I wish I could keep up with your shopping...alas, I can try to be happy just reading about it.