Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm so excited...I just can't hide it - 7 Jeans at Rue La La today!

Yes, I quoted the Pointer Sisters. Does that date me? or age me? Oh well. I am so excited about the 7 For All Mankind sale at Rue La La today. See, I'm actually writing this Tuesday night (last night for anyone reading this) and worried I might actually have trouble sleeping because I really, and I mean REALLY hope they have this one particular kind of jean for a crazy cheap price.
7 For All Mankind Crissy High Waist Bell in Cali
I love them. LOVE. Have I made my point? Just checking. I tried them on a while back at Saks, and while on sale, were still pretty expensive. But I have kept looking...the high waist is perfect, the wash is an ideal casual look. It's just a great pair of jeans.

***Just to update anyone who might be interested - they DID have these jeans, and for $99, a fantastic deal considering they started at $245! And even though I had an early meeting which caused me to log in almost 2 hours after the sale started, I managed to snag a pair in my size. Still excited...

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