Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hostess Gift Ideas

I have some trouble, even as a professional shopper, figuring out exactly what to bring as a "hostess gift." Take this past weekend for example, Greg and I went down to San Diego to visit a friend and meet her baby while she was visiting her mom (otherwise she lives very far away) and I had no idea what to bring them beyond the baby gift. I think something like this cute measuring cup set would make a lovely gift for a house you are visiting:

Nigella Lawson 4-pc. Measuring Cup Set, Blue

They come in several colors so you can choose according to the recipient's taste.

A beautiful cookbook is also a great gift idea, something special like one of these -

Of course if you can plan in advance, homemade jam, cookies or bread (or anything else you'd want to prepare) would make a perfect gift.

Have fun!


Lorin said...

Every year, we make a big batch of limoncello. We keep some of the bottles for us and give some away. The bottles make great hostess gifts (as long as you're not flying, as I wouldn't want to risk putting one in my luggage. Limoncello is sticky stuff).

I like your new header!

Elena said...

That's fantastic Lorin, I need to get on your Christmas list!