Thursday, June 25, 2009

SIlver Sneakers

A client and friend has been asking about silver shoes for a while, she doesn't love the more delicate flats I wear (or the hardware I like on the toes) so I wanted to find a few pairs I thought she and others would like -

These are cute, and alot like the Lanvin sneakers Michelle Obama has been seen in (although these are a 5th of the price):

Royal Elastics Women's Queen Silver Sneaker

These Puma sneakers also come in silver:

PUMA Women's Crete Sheen Sneaker

These Puma's come in a silver/light blue color combo that looks great, and they have been marked down to $36.95:

PUMA Women's Espera Pearlized Sneaker

I love these Superga sneakers, they come in silver also:

Superga Women's Rimini Sneaker

I think the last one might be my favorite. I do love Superga.

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