Monday, October 12, 2009

Great New Black Jackets for Fall

Fall has really set in here, although it sounds like Winter in a lot of other places...we just put on our heat for the first time this season. I'm also looking though my clothes so find the coziest pieces, but there are so many great new options!

I love this well priced jacket from Dolce Vita -

Dolce Vita Camryn Jacket in Black

This is great choice for everyone, but in particular for women with narrow shoulder and/or a pear shape, it will even out the shoulders with hips, and look fantastic.

This jacket is also different and wearable -

Kai-aakmann Jacket in Black

It's shown with a miniskirt which just seems silly to me, it will look great with both skinny jeans and wide legged jeans. Much more realistic for a cold day outfit than the mini-skirt.

I am totally crazy for this gorgeous Rebecca Taylor ruffle front coat -

Rebecca Taylor Cashfeel Ruffle Me Up Trench Coat in Black

It's got a heftier price tag than the other jackets above, but this is one piece you will look beautiful and striking in for years. In my opinion, coats are one of the things we should pay as much as we can for.

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