Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best Underwear Ever (Nursing Bras also)

I have a new obsession this week, and for once it doesn't involve shoes or bag, this time it's underwear. Lingerie is a more appropriate word. Elle Macpherson's line - I LOVE it.
I was not a believer from the beginning, I thought ugh, yet another model gets some line of crap, but when I went looking for lingerie and tried it on I fell in love -

It's pretty, and comfortable and works well. It is a bit on the expensive side, but not so much, and Figleaves has some of it on sale like the bra pictured above, as well as the matching boy shorts -

The line also includes nursing bras. I imagine when in need of a nursing bra, wearing something pretty could make a big difference in how you feel about yourself. There is not much time for yourself when your child is that little so it can be a treat to wear something as pretty as this La Mere bra-

The Maternelle bra also looks lovely -

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