Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkins, Sweaters and Free Shipping at JCrew

Instead of making myself watch Heroes (Hayden Panetiere as an angry scarred woman? yeah, right) So anyway, instead I thought I would do something else, like blog, except that I"m feeling remarkably uninspired right now.

I went to the HUGE Williams Sonoma in Union Square tonight, and there were so few people around it was weird. It was chilly outside and got dark pretty early, it can be easy to forget what month it is here in the Bay Area. The store is 4 stories of homemaking heaven, complete with the smells of fall - you know, pumpkin and all spice so I was reminded that it isn't September anymore.

You know what goes well with those pumpkin pie smells? Jcrew sweaters and cords. Oh, and how lucky are we - Free shipping at Jcrew until 11:59 PM oct 8th, use code ACORN

And how cozy does this sweater look?

Or this slouchy cashmere v-neck,

I feel more inspired already.

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