Thursday, October 2, 2008

every girls best friend

So we had my shower this past Saturday, and I wore the Moschino dress I posted about beforehand. But when I put it on it was gaping a bit on top showing my bra so I bought double sided tape to keep it in place. The tape was AMAZING. It stayed in place all day, didn't itch (regular tape itches, don't ask how I know that, it's a long story) and when I took it off it didn't leave a single mark on the dress.

Every woman should have this just in case. It will keep dress and top straps in place to keep bras hidden, or if button down tops gape this tape can fix that as well. Definitely worth the few dollars to make sure the clothes you have work well for you. They also make other useful things, like these adhesive nipple covers -

If you have a skimpy top and don't need to wear a bra, these are great.
and offers free shipping on these items, so go for it.

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