Monday, October 13, 2008

home sick with bad tv

I've been home with a bad cold for days. I mean DAYS... so I've been watching a lot of tv. Including this new show the Ex List, I was hopeful because I liked the star of the show when she was on Grey's Anatomy, but this show is so annoying I will not watch it again.

A woman who is looking for "the one" goes to a psychic and is told she has to marry by the end of the year or she is doomed to solitude for the rest of her life. What? Excuse me? please.
and to add insult to injury, whoever does costuming for the show should go back to the beach they came from.

The show takes place in San Diego, so I guess their clothes are supposed to scream San Diego beach, instead they say sloppy and uninteresting. I mean for the first part of the episode I watched, the main character was wearing a bikini top that was oddly showing above her tank top. Not in a cool or sexy way. it was just annoying. who dresses like that?

And then the sidekicks, each one more annoying than the last. A few of them had great characters on other shows (American Dreams, Dirt) they are not used well here.

Not good that when I write about this show, the word annoying comes up more often than any other.

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