Thursday, July 2, 2009

outfit for very casual summer fun

The fruit picker was a success, we have alot of plums ready to turned into whatever we choose! We were so into it we thought about going from one friend's yard to another for more fruit. Our hunger got the better of us though, as did our tired arms. We made the mistake of swimming beforehand, the fruit picker isn't heavy at all, but holding anythign up for a long time gets hard.

What does one wear to pick fruit? This is a dilemma I faced today, I decided denim shorts, a dark top and flip flops were the way to go. The dark top couldnt really be stained by drippy fruit, so that worked well. The flip flops however were not ideal.I was slipping and sliding and worried about things dropping on my bare feet.

Next time I will go with a shoe like this -

PUMA Women's Cabana Racer II Sneaker

These old navy shorts looks cute (they come in a bunch of colors) and are a great price, you can wear them to death for the summer and it isn't heartbreaking if you have to get rid of them at the end of the season.

Women: Women's Low-Rise Perfect Khaki Shorts (5") - Bright Coral

Throw on a black tank and you are all set for fruit picking, barbecuing, or whatever it is you are doing.

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