Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Denim sale, among other things

J Brand 14

J Brand 14" jeans (means they have a 14" leg opening) are on sale at Pink Mascara, and you get another 20% off of the sale price. Use code 20offsale.


Lorin said...

I've got a question for you, Elena. After shopping for what seemed like forever for the perfect pair of jeans, I finally bought a pair from the Gap online-- I had tried on a pair in a different color at a store and was told they were being discontinued, but they had a few left online. Sadly, the only ones in my size left were in xlong. I gave them a shot anyway but they are really too long for me even in my tallest heels (and I'm 5'11! Who are these things made for?). Otherwise they fit *perfectly* so I kind of want to keep them. Is there anyway or anyplace to get them hemmed and still look good? Thanks!

Elena said...

Absolutely Lorin - just make sure you take them to someone who knows what they are doing, and you can either ask for the original hem or just ask them to imitate the hem, that means they use the same color thread, and if its a wide hem have them remake a wide hem, or a narrow...I ALWAYS have to get my pants hemmed, it's the easiest thing to do to make sure your clothes fit perfectly. I know a great place to go in Berkeley, and one in San Francisco, I'm happy to ask around for an Oakland option as well.